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10 Lies I have told when on a Solo Trip

Safety is a major concern when travelling but especially when travelling alone. Telling lies is sometimes necessary as not everyone has your wellbeing in mind. This is just a fact of life, so you need to do whatever you can to protect yourself.

Taking the right precautions and planning ahead is key to ensure you are not putting yourself at risk. I must say I have never felt on grave danger and the few unpleasant incidents I don’t even remember. The good by far outweigh the bad. I trust my instinct about people and act on it. Even if I can’t quite put my finger on why I feel uneasy. When travelling you do not owe anyone the truth and you certainly don’t owe a stranger ever detail about your life.

Finding the balance between being open minded but protecting yourself can be a tricky, but with practice its become second nature for me. I can be very open in my temperament without giving away too much information that will put myself at risk.

You got this written in chalk on tarmac

My top 10 lies I use when I go on a solo trip:

1. ‘I am here with family/husband/partner on a business trip I will meet them later’ or ‘I have family that live here that I am visiting’

2. ‘My friend/partner will be back soon’

3. ‘My friend is waiting for me so I need to go now’

4. ‘I am not single or ‘I am in a relationship or married’ or ‘I have a partner’ (can even wear an engagement style ring when on holiday to ward off unwanted attention).

5. ‘I am staying with family or I am staying (name a completely different hotel not near where you are or name a different area away from where you are staying, this needs some pre planning)

6. ‘My friend/boyfriend/partner is not well and is at the hotel so decided to do this activity myself’

7. ‘I am leaving later today so can’t meet up or stay any longer’

8. ‘Thanks for the offer but I have been here before so don’t need help for you to show me around’ or ‘No its not my first time here.’

10. ‘I can feel my phone buzzing I need to take this call’ and excuse yourself or ‘just got a call need to go meet my friend/partner’ or ‘I need to make a call now excuse me’ and leave.

These have all served me well when I want to leave of just be left alone or if someone is being very nosey. I am confident and have a smile and I don’t panic. Sometimes just pretending to be on a call while walking down the streets if you feel someone is tracking you and saying out loud where you are and what you can see.

Other things to keep in mind on solo trip

Of course the obvious applies when on holiday you have to take the same precautions you would at home and don’t feel because you don’t know anyone that you have to trust anyone who approaches you.

Keep alcohol to a minimum especially at night and don’t get carried away by the holiday feeling you need a clear head always. Don’t accept drinks from anyone especially if you weren’t there when ordered or the bartender hands to you directly. Someone may see this as an opportunity to take advantage of you. Don’t stay out too late or if you do make sure you have a safe way to return to your accommodation already planned like a hotel booked taxi.

Keep in touch with family and friends back home so they know where you are always and let them know if plans changed significantly. Alternatively you can use tracker apps like Life 360 so your loved ones know where you are at all times.

Never post in real time where you are on social media. This is a risk at home and abroad. You don’t want your place burgled when away nor do you want someone following you as you posted every detail every hour. I recommend waiting till your return to share those moments on social media.


So there you have it. Personal safety if so important but needn’t be a hindrance to a great trip. Most people are friendly and genuine but there are some not so nice people out there unfortunately. So go on and enjoy that trip but stay alert! What do you think of these lies? What other lies have you told while away? Do share in the comments. I have a free solo travel guide to anyone who subscribes to this blog to leave your contact.