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AI, Can it Transform Your Solo Travel Experience Now?

Chat GPT AI logo on dark background,

Artificial intelligence or AI and the advent of Chat GPT and other platforms have recently exploded in the public domain. It conjures up (at least in my mind) images of robots doing tasks and taking on a personality of their own. Terminator hasn’t really helped either, but AI has been around for many years now in many different industries and the travel sector is no exception.

AI has been part of the Travel Industry for years!

Those peskie cookies that track your online searches to give you personalised advertising or ”recommendations”. Those chatbots when messaging a travel company. Yeah, those are all AI. Our passports have our biometric information which makes check-in and security checks more efficient. Who uses Google Maps and other similar GPS navigation apps? Most of us do regularly. So with it now bursting into the public domain in such a spectacular way, the possibilities for personalisation are endless!

Let’s first get something straight, this blog is not to convince you either way. I hope to put a balanced view forward as there are pros and cons with every advancement we make in technology. I have a pragmatic view that the march of change cannot be held back but we need to be responsible and not dismiss it as it is the future.

Crafting your Unique Journey

We already use travel search websites to inspire where we go and what we may do at a destination. However with AI we can get a personalised itinerary matched to our travel preferences. Are you a chill in a resort type of person? Or more of a foodie eating out in fine restaurants? Maybe an adrenaline junkie looking for adventure, thrills and non-stop action? AI can provide you with tailored suggestions that suit you. This, I think, is a key advantage of AI when it comes to curating your dream trip. Of course AI can’t tell you what it’s actually like to be there, the feel and energy of a place is where AI can’t replace human experience.

Break down Barriers on your Solo Trip

Once you are at the destination, having to navigate new environs can be daunting. Like I mentioned we already use Google Maps. AI can give you real time information if a tourist attraction is very busy, the weather so you can prepare, and make suggestions on your plans to make it a memorable trip.

Where AI can really come into its own is language translation. We already have Google Translate which I have used on trips. But the new big thing is real time translation to communicate in any language! This will open up many more destination possibilities. Speaking to locals with a few phrases, I still think, will endear people to you, if not only impress them rather that have a smartphone do the talking. Human connection is something that AI can’t help us with but it can help with the overall experience. Cultural norms can be difficult for AI to pick up on, so I would recommend still reading around what is acceptable for wherever you go.

Immersive Solo Travel experience

I really think that the possibilities are endless for AI. I can see the area of virtual reality really taking off. Even augmented reality where you can superimpose past historical imagery onto the modern world to see what life was like in the past (of course with safety in mind, think an upgrade to Pokemon Go). This could be a really interesting feature on smartphone cameras or AI glasses.

We could have simulations of how the world will look like due to climate change with disappearing landscapes, which could really bring home the message for us to protect our blue planet. We already have a country going fully digital, Tuvalu. How will we visit a digital country? Would it be a cloud experience? Would we need a visa to access the digitised landscapes, culture and customs? I find this a fascinating prospect!

Safety in Solo Travel

Safety is a key concern, for solo travellers especially. Artificial Intelligence may be able to help with this. Apps exist that can help family and friends know where you are or raise the alarm if you haven’t checked in. This is very useful in my opinion.

Monitoring crowds or if a security situation changes suddenly, Artificial Intelligence can, in real time, let you know if you should adapt your plans.

I know of devices you can put in your luggage or personal item should it get lost in transit or stolen, kind of like a tracker, I am yet to try this. Wellbeing apps can monitor how you are coping on trips and suggest ways or activities in your best interest, a travel companion of sorts.

The flip side though is that the software creators will have access to personal information and some may find this unsettling.

So what is the future for Solo Travel?

To wrap up I believe AI is here to stay and we can embrace the advantages but it cannot replace human interaction and real experience, one thing becomes abundantly clear, the potential for transformative experiences is boundless. The present innovations are merely a glimpse into an exciting future awaiting solo adventurers.

With the continuous evolution of Artificial Intelligence, solo travelers can anticipate a horizon where every aspect of their journey is seamlessly woven into a tapestry of personalized experiences. As we dream of hyper-personalized recommendations that anticipate our every desire, augmented reality language translation that makes conversations more natural, and predictive navigation that intuitively guides our instincts, the solo adventure takes on a new dimension.

In the not-so-distant future, advanced safety features will not only provide insights but proactively ensure travel security by leveraging predictive analytics and real-time monitoring. Picture an AI companion not just as a practical assistant but as an emotionally intelligent partner, recognizing your moods and adapting recommendations to suit your evolving journey.

So, solo adventurers, as we look forward to this future where AI not only enhances but truly revolutionizes solo travel, we find ourselves at the threshold of a new era—an era where every solo journey becomes the ultimate exploration of personal discovery, guided by the digital companionship of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s see where AI can take us. Adventure Awaits!