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The Benefits of Solo Travel : Extraordinary Adventures for one

As an avid solo traveller, I am a convert, well more like an evangelist when it comes to the benefits of solo travel. I traveled and conquered my fears, doubts and resistance. I am now so free in my ability to travel alone that I want everyone to experience this bliss! It would be a crime not to. However, I get it not everyone is the same and if you are having trouble taking that leap or have tried it and it’s not for you that’s fine. If you are still reading though then there must be a little voice inside telling you to just do it. Let me be the medium through which you discover solo travel paradise!

The benefits of solo travel are vast and varying. They include the sheer freedom, the self discovery and reflection, flexibility, meeting new people and cultural immersion and money management. The best thing is you can be completely selfish and not worry about anyone but yourself. And this is a form of self care especially if you are an exhausted empath. So let’s dive in these benefits one by one.

The Freedom of Solo Travel

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First up its the freedom for me! You can change your plans on whim and move at a pace you want. Spend an extra day in a new town or lie in all day! Its just so blissful you are on your own timing and mood. No need to worry about mismatch energies, you may want to lie in by your travel buddy want to be up at the crack of dawn.

When you are on your own no negotiation is necessary and you can change your mind and not worry about upsetting anyone. You have all the time to move at your personal pace and maintain your personal space. No awkward excuses to just be alone cause you are tired and overwhelmed. Travelling with friends can be lots of fun and I love it but can also be tiring. I remember being on a trip and thinking I just need a break from all of ya’ll the constant chatter, moods, lengthy time to make a decision that fits with everyone! I just needed some space to recharge.

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You can choose where you want to stay and what price point works for you! Another advantage is you can indulge in new experiences and not worry about other preferences or phobias or feeling like leaving someone behind. I like to have a rough itinerary of what I would like to do but not too planned. A few things booked with in the rest of the time for exploration and discovery! This really is one of the key benefits of solo travel as you could go off plan and not worry about compromising with someone.

Confidence boost!

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Solo travel really teaches you about yourself! When on your own and having to rely on your own capacity you realise what you are capable of when you face challenges. Getting out of our comfort zone is when beautiful growth begins. When you are alone having the space for introspection and really get to know yourself. What are your goals, your likes and dislikes when you don’t have the influence of others and what is expected of you. I get it we are social creatures and we have to get along with the people around us. But often we sometimes neglect ourselves and solo travel is a great way to do a factory reset to your true default self.

Handling unexpected challenges in a new environment can really feed your self confidence. I remember the first time I went to Berlin and hired a car. No big deal you might say. I had never driven left hand before! My phone went out of Maps App on my way to the hotel while driving and there was nowhere to stop! So I had to improvise. Using the sat nav map to navigate to the correct street basically did my own navigation and I remembered the street name. It was nerve wracking the the elation when I found my hotel! I returned home with a confidence I could do anything!

Relax, Recharge, Reset

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Self care is so important and you can really indulge in this when you travel alone. I have a very busy life and its only when I treat myself to a trip away from anything familiar that I feel like I truly had a break! A beach day, spa treatments, shopping spree, a long walk in nature, people watching at a bar. You can sit back and take it all in. My mantra relax, recharge and reset.

Solo Travel is Good for the Soul

When you travel alone you can set personal goals, face some fears, try a new activity, put that new language to the test, try that unusual cuisine. I have a can’t knock it till you try it attitude and will try most things at least once! I won’t be eating crocodile again!

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Speaking of learning about yourself, when you are away you can be your authentic self. Or not as the case maybe. How about taking on a different personality altogether, become a secret agent! Its funny by just being away from your normal life you can really indulge yourself, safely of course.

Travelling alone really gives you the space to self reflect on how far you have come or where do you want to go. It’s a great time to sit with yourself and decide what you want for yourself when you return. Or some clarity to deal with things without the distractions of everyday life. Being in a new surrounding can open your mind to new solutions you may have been grappling with so you return with a new sense of purpose and drive! Are you convinced yet?

Solo travel is good for the soul! I like to reflect on my day in a journal its as if I am my own companion. Take a notebook, at the beach, bar, restaurant waiting for the bus, in the taxi and just write it down. Photos don’t capture the dimension of how you felt. Journalling can make the memories clearer and last longer together with the pics and videos.

Solo Travel and Discover New Connections

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When you travel solo not only do you connect with yourself but you also connect with the new culture the energy of a place. This for me is the best bit. When I get to a new place I like to spend my first day orienting myself. What’s near my base. How can I get back to base, what’s around me to eat and do and when do I get to essentials food, transport. After breakfast I like to walk around and soak up atmosphere. Feel the vibe. I try to eat local and go where locals go. This is not always easy as some destinations are curated for tourists (cough Bali! cough).

Faith spaces are great to try and get a sense of a culture and of course museums and monuments that gives you the historical context. Reading up about your destination before you go and learn a few local phrases helps with the immersion. I went to Thailand and learnt a few pleasantries and when you speak to people in their mother tongue they light up and so impressed you took the time to learn their language suddenly who are being looked after and told the best places to see and go. Gems you may not find in the guide book.

The Benefits of Solo Travel for the Culture

Man wearing african cultural necklaces

Food, what can I say about food it as well as music and dance is the way to the heart and soul of a country and one my favourite of the benefits of solo travel. Immersing yourself without distraction can really bring you true connection with a people and culture. I loved a cultural event like the Kabuki theatre in Tokyo or the Rwandan traditional wedding such awesome experiences with local people.. Simply because something meant we were at he same place at the same time. Such an immersive experience and awe for culture is something you may miss out on when with friends or family. Not to mention that better understanding of the world.

Meeting people and making new friends is somehow so energising when on holiday.  I have made life long friends travelling on my own. Not only that I have met other travellers that I vibe with for years! Being with like minded people in an activity or joining a small group can really enhance your experience. Is it, perhaps the intensity of experiencing something new at the same time that brings people together? 

Money Matters – Finance and Solo Travel

Various money notes from different countries, canada, england, united states

The benefits of solo travel also includes managing your budget spend when you do it alone. You can set the bar as low or high as you wish! Do that photoshoot! Splurge in that mall/market or find local street bites and walk everywhere! The choice is entirely yours! Your taste is all that matters from accommodation to dining or extras. I have booked a solo photoshoot for my next trip so stay tuned for that! I have also gone full frugal and challenge myself to spend little.

Holiday is the time to set the vibe you want for your trip and curate that exactly. I have dined in Savoy Palace 5 star restaurant in Madeira and eaten fresh, cheap and delicious street food in Thailand for less than 50US for a week. Both I highly recommend. I do advocate for setting a budget and having an itinerary helps with that. Having a plan helps when things need to change which you can manage without getting into panic.

You only need You

As we wrap up this exploration of solo travelling perks, it’s clear that it’s more than a vacation—it’s a transformative journey. The benefits of Solo travel isn’t just ticking boxes; it’s a vibrant tapestry of memories, connections, and personal evolution. The advantages far outweigh the downsides of solo travel in my opinion.

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In the quiet moments of solo travel, you find the freedom to be authentically you, the canvas for your dreams, and the stage for encounters that reshape your worldview. It’s a voyage where you are both the adventurer and the destination, the hero and the narrator. I really advise you to journal your experiences to set those core memories. Take my travel journal with you and put in every step of your adventure.

So, whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or considering your first solo escapade, remember each step is a brushstroke on the canvas of your life. The benefits of solo travel extend far beyond the horizon, leaving an imprint on your very being.

As you explore the world, may your solo travels be filled with unexpected moments, meaningful connections, and a symphony of experiences that linger long after the journey concludes. Remember travelling alone need not mean you are lonely or a loner. Be sociable, join activities, meet people and indulge yourself at the same time. Adventure awaits and so does the extraordinary adventure that will be uniquely yours. So get out there and take full advantage of the benefits of travelling solo.