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My Awesome fast-paced 9-day Solo Trip to Thailand

Hello fellow solo wanderers! This blog is about my epic trip to Thailand a few years ago. It’s been a while since I did a blog on a destination and feel it’s time to do just that. Of the many places I’ve been to I choose Thailand because it’s a popular destination and great for a first solo trip as people are so friendly and its safe.

However, the rich culture is to be respected. In this blog I will give a summary of what I did in my 9 day trip travelling around Thailand. I went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Trang and Kanchanaburi. So quiet some distance across Thailand in one trip! Buckle up for this fast paced adventure!

A statue in Thailand

Bangkok Base

I arrived in Bangkok early in the morning after a almost 12 hour flight! The 7 hour time difference left me very disorientated and exhausted. I meet up with a friend I knew years ago who hosted me in Bangkok. The first day all I did was slept! I don’t sleep well on plane. It was in November monsoon season and the streets were covered in water.

First thing I noticed when walking around was shrines everywhere. I shops, on the pavements, anywhere. There was a definite reverence for the Buddhism religion. Bangkok as you would expect for any city was bustling. I went to a Market and had delicious street food. I love Thai food so fresh and light and tasty.

We also visited some temples you need to take off shoe to enter. I walked around the King Rama Garden with its beautifully manicured flower beds and and flora displays was very peaceful. In the evening we went to the party or ‘red light’ district. Lots of loud music, and beautiful people ( I say people because the men were as beautiful as the women) trying to entice you into bars.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace in Bangkok
Courtesy of UnSplash thanks to contributor.

There was a special occasion on my last day in Bangkok we went to the Grand Palace. The public was being allowed and food was being provided. I made sure my knees and shoulders were covered as modesty is a must. However I had on flip flops and this was a no, no. No toes can be on show in the palace. Luckily I was prepared and had a pair of loafers in my bag which I could put on. We sat in a waiting area while they ushered us in.

This was not usual I understand and the new King had not been in power yet so this was a while ago. The palace was absolutely beautiful, golden spires offset by white walls outside and fountains, statues and the inside was opulent with red carpet and displays. For me this was my highlight in Bangkok.

First Class to Chiang Mai

Left Bangkok in the evening on a sleeper bus to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. This bus felt like an airplane! Plush reclining leather seats with individual screen! There was mood lights to help you sleep and stewards serving food and snacks for the trip. Totally was not expecting that first class service on the sleeper coach. I slept like a baby! Did I mention the massager function on your console! Top notch better than some airlines. Arrived in Chiang Mai and checked into my hotel.

Hotel in Chiang Mai. Thailand

Temple run – Wat Phra Singh Temple

That day I visited the Wat Phra Singh temple with and complex of golden and ornamental buildings, with massive statues. I remember having to walk up a small hill to get to the temple. I took part in a prayer ceremony in one of the Shrine areas. It was such a calming experience. There were lots of people walking around but it was quiet I remember thinking. Chiang Mai has multiple temples and they are all awesome to visit. The ancient history and religion so well preserved really inspiring to learn about cultures. Thats the best part about travel for me.

Shrine in Chiang Mai temple, Thailand

Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

That evening was the lantern lighting. I walked the streets towards the area and there are stalls you can buy a lantern along the way. There were lots of flowers and fruit carved like ornaments. I walked to a bridge over a river where there were crowds of people. I was with a couple of people from the hotel.

The streets were teaming with people and the odd car tooting horn trying to get through very slowly. It took ages to get my lantern to fill with warm air. I was holding it with my arms stretch up above my head and the wick lit. My arms hurt. My lantern was massive, I could easily fit my head and shoulders inside so maybe not such a big one next time.

Finally I could feel the lantern trying to pull away and I let it go. I was a breathtaking moment watching the lantern take flight into the night sky joining thousands of other lanterns. Such a magical feeling. I then went down to the river where people can send their troubles away in the water. So beautiful and symbolic.

Of course getting out of the crowds to get back to the hotel was a slow but I just went with the flow. I don’t think I got to my room before 3am that night and I felt so energised. The next morning was breakfast. It was a thai feast! Rice dishes with fresh herbs and spices, soups and tea. Really enjoyed it. I walked around that day and the next day took a flight to Trang.

Isles of Trang

Emerald Waters

I took a domestic flight left 6.30am and got in late afternoon. Trang in the south of Thailand is famous for lots of unspoilt islands. The next day I went on a boat tour to the Emerald Caves and Koh Muk island to spend the 2 days. You went out on these long boats with very odd steering.

We then docked in front of what seemed like a large rock. The water was a deep emerald green. Then we got our life vests on and we had to hold on in tandem to other passengers to a rope. We were told to hold on and don’t let go. We then waded to the rock and then into a cave under the rock!

Cave to secret island

After a few feet we were in pitch darkness could not see the person ahead of me. We kept going a little longer and you could see light ahead of the tunnel. We emerged from the cave onto this hidden sandy beach with crystal clear waters. We were completely cocooned by mountainous rock with trees. When you look up the trees almost form the shape of a heart to the blue sky when the sun streamed in. This was so amazing!

There was a sign to read about the history of the caves, apparently pirates used to hid treasure there. We played in the water putting off the thought of going back in the dark cave back to the boats. On the way back the cave didn’t seem that long and we were back on the boat to the paradise island. We spent the rest of the day there had something to eat and slept on the beach. Unlike Bangkok the weather here was perfect for the beach.

Hidden beach in Emerald Cave, Trang


Death Railway

From Trang it was to Kanchanaburi, famous for the Death railway. I visited the war memorial and walked the railway bridge over the River Kwai. Lots of photo ops and a chance to imagine the plight of the captive soldiers. There were places to eat or have a drink nearby. Recommend not missing this when visiting Thailand if you like history.

I met another friend here and I spent time with the family. I was introduced to miracle fruit. I had never heard of this. This small red berry that you chew and for the next two hours any you drink that is sour tastes sweet! I was literally sucking lemons and it tasted like lemonade! My eyes could not believe what I was tasting.

Orchids Galore!

I visited an orchid farm that had the most vast array of orchids I have ever seen! Orchids are one of my favourite flowers so to see an orchid farm was truly awesome for me. There all sorts of colours, and sizes from a button size to orchids bigger than my head! This isn’t something on the tourist trail so you won’t see this unless you know someone local. This is why it pays off to make friends wherever you go. Some of my best finds has been on local intel.

World Record Giant Tree

Another off the beaten path natural wonder was the Giant Rain tree over 100 years old! This tree is in the guinness records with a whooping 198 feet spread of the branches. The trunk was adorned with colourful knit cloth wrapped around. Not much people were here and you had to go some distance to get the whole tree in a photo.

After going out to eat that night the next morning it was a drive back to Bangkok to my original base which was only just over 2 hours away. I spent another day with my friend went into the city and walked around the shops and market. The next day I headed to the airport for the long flight home.


This trip was alot to fit in but with some local help and knowledge and my transfers it was seamless. I couldn’t have done this trip without the help of friends. Thailand is much more than beaches and smiles. It’s such a rich culture and a peaceful people. So much you can see and do in Thailand.

Now I accept I am a bit of a road runner when I travel but you don’t need to have this pace. Bangkok is a great base and you can pair up with another of the other three destinations to break up the city bustle. City and Beach, City and history, City and nature take your pick.

There are so many other places in Thailand I didn’t see so I would not mind a returning to this smiling country. I felt completely safe in Thailand everyone was so polite. I did get asked for photos on one of the bus trips and got to talking to local people. Do have an idea of how much things cost though as they will take your money with a smile and you know what, with the hospitality they deserve a bit extra.